Definitions: Learning Goals & Learning Objectives

Learning Goal

“A learning goal is a broad statement of an expected learning outcome of a course or curriculum. Learning goals provide a vision for the future and often summarize the intention or topic area of several related learning objectives.” (p. 1) 

Many criteria such as time, expertise, and resources, determine if a goal is realistically achievable in one setting compared to others.

Learning Objective

“Learning objectives are drawn from the learning goals. They are guiding statements for each learning encounter, and they connect intention with reality within the learning experience as well as to the assessment planned…A learning objective is a description of what the learner must be able to do upon completion of an educational activity. A well-written learning objective outlines the knowledge, skills and/or attitude the learners will gain from the educational activity and does so in a measurable way.” (p. 1) 

(Chatterjee, D., & Corral, J. (2017). How to write well-defined learning objectives. The Journal of Education in Perioperative Medicine: JEPM, 19(4), 1-4.)