Session One Preparations Copy Copy

This workshop is designed with asynchronous and synchronous activities. It follows a rhythm of: 

The readings will provide the foundation for the topics that will be covered and allow you to engage in meaningful and informed discussions. Please make sure to allocate adequate time to review the materials as it may take you a few hours to prepare for each of the synchronous sessions. The assigned readings for this course are freely available to you via the creative commons e-textbook: Virtual Simulation: An Educator’s Toolkit.  

Virtual Simulation: An Educator’s Toolkit

To access the readings or download the Virtual Simulation: An Educator’s Toolkit, click on the button below, which will take you directly to the toolkit where you will have the option to either “Read Book” or download as a digital PDF, Printable PDF, EPUB or Pressbooks XML. The readings are easily accessible and available for free via a creative commons license. Please note, that by downloading the digital PDF rather than using the “Read Book” option, you will sacrifice the interactivity of the Toolkit.

Note: This e-book includes interactive content and videos and is therefore best viewed using the online pressbooks format. The book can also be downloaded in a PDF format, though the interactivity is lost.

Step One: Assigned Readings

Prior to virtual synchronous session 1, read the following chapters of the e-textbook available for download above:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Professional Development
  • Chapter 4: Enactment

Note: Chapter 3 will be included in the second part of this workshop and is not required for the first live session.

Step Two: Activity Worksheet

Download the worksheet and complete it on your computer ahead of the first live session.

Please note that you do not need to submit the worksheet but be prepared to share your work and discuss it during the workshop. Having completed the worksheet ahead of time will help you to actively participate in the discussions.

Example: You can view an example of this worksheet completed by an experienced simulationist. Please note that your worksheet will be different depending on the virtual simulation, your educational program, and the type of enactment.

Step Three: Virtual Synchronous Session 

Join the virtual synchronous session at the assigned time for your cohort. Please see the Workshop Session Zoom Links page for the times and access links. 

Please note, the virtual synchronous sessions will NOT be recorded, in order to promote open discussion.