Required Readings

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1.     Chiniara, G., Cole, G., Brisbin, K., Huffman, D., Cragg, B., Lamacchia, M., & Norman, D. (2013). Simulation in healthcare: A taxonomy and a conceptual framework for instructional design and media selection. Medical Teacher, 35(8), e1380-e1395.

2.     Leighton, K. (2020). Instructor development/qualifications. In: P. Carstens, P. Paulman, A. Paulman, M. Stanton, B. Monaghan, & D. Dekker (Eds.), Comprehensive healthcare simulation: mobile medical simulation (pp. 253-267). Springer, Cham.

3.     Lioce, L., Graham, L., & Young, H. M. (2018). Developing the team: simulation educators, technical, and support personnel in simulation. In: C. Foisy-Doll & K. L. Leighton (Eds.),  Simulation champions: fostering courage, caring and connection (pp. 429-444). Philadephia: Wolters Kluwer. (*Special thanks to Colette Foisy-Doll, who kindly provided the digital proof of this chapter from her book, for our use in this micro-course*)

4.     Nestel, D., & Gough, S. (2017). Designing simulationā€based learning activities: A systematic approach. In: D. Nestel, B. Jolly, M. Kelly & M. Watson (Eds.), Healthcare Simulation Education: Evidence, Theory and Practice (pp. 135-142). Chichester, England: Wiley-Blackwell.

See resource for above (1_Chiniara et al (2013) – Simulation in Healthcare – A taxonomy and a conceptual framework for instructional design and media selection)

See resource for above (2_Leighton (2020) – Instructor development qualitifactions.pdf)

See resource for above (3_Lioce et al (2018) – Developing the team.pdf)

See resource for above (4_Nestel_Gough (2018) – Designing simulation-based learning activities, a systematic approach.pdf)

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Additional Readings

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See resource (Canales_Huang (2015) – Expecting the Unexpected.pdf)

See resource (Dieckmann et al. (2010) – Scenario Life Savers.pdf)

See resource (Huffman (2016) – Essentials of scenario building for simulation-based education.pdf)

See resource (Kotter (2006) – Leading Change Why Transformation Efforts Fail.pdf)

See resource (Taras  Everett (2017) – Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice in Medical Education.pdf)