Pre-Course Learning: Activity 1

Embedding Virtual Simulation in Your Course

Activity 1

Choose a virtual simulation from the VirtuWil simulations found (please note for access you will have to make a free login account) [MV1] or from another source that will be embedded in your course.

Title of virtual simulation:

Link of virtual simulation for students:

Link for virtual simulation for faculty (if different):

Compare and contrast the learning objectives of the virtual simulation to the course learning objectives and program outcomes.

Virtual Simulation Learning ObjectivesCourse Learning ObjectivesProgram Outcomes

Identify the reasons (up to 4) for using a virtual simulation instead of another learning strategy in your course.


Consider ways to enact (use) the virtual simulation in your course? Identify the pros and cons for using the different options (choose 2 options or more then complete the pros and cons related to your chosen option).

Non facilitated  
Synchronous virtual  
In person Large groupSmall groups  
Individual asynchronous  

 [MV1]For the french account they have to be instructed to log in the french