Additional Learning (Optional)

Practical Fundamentals of Simulation

This workshop is suited for educators who are experienced with simulation, even if not virtual simulation. We are providing an opportunity for those who are newer to simulation to join us by first completing the “Practical Fundamentals of Simulation” micro-course free of charge. We believe this course will give you a solid foundation of knowledge to build upon during the workshop. 

Please note that the course is only available in English and takes approximately 4 hours. If you are interested in joining, please contact Nicole Fung at to register and receive more information. 

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

This course will provide an introduction to principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion, and how these can be promoted in a virtual simulation activity.  

This will take approximately 1 hour to complete and is available in both French and English. 

Please follow this [link] that will take you directly to the course. You can then register yourself for free.